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I have to use Slack heavily in my job since that is the main method of communication in the company except for email.

I find all of the clutter on the screen frustrating, but I have not found a way to get rid of that.

So I would say from my perspective that it definitely is useable, but sometimes cumbersome.

Just a word of careful if you have several Slack windows open at a time that you ping the right person or group. But that applies to any other platform like this.


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Its pretty bad, but there are a lot of shortcut keys, some of which
make it usable. The ones I like are control-k which if you up arrow a
few times you will get an edit box so you can type the channel name.
The others I use most often are shift-pgup and shift-pgdn which will
get you to the previous or next date -- you have to turn the virtual
cursor off to use those two controls. The other thing to watch out
for, if you are typing a message, don't hit return, that sends the
message, use shift return instead.

I hope these are orf some use.

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I've been forced to use Slack for two years and I HATE it. Is there really people that think that Slack is an accessible Application? Every time I think something works the next day it doesn't.
I'd love to find people that use Slack with JAWS and find it a good experience.

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