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On Tue, Jul 26, 2022 at 04:36 PM, Gene Warner wrote:
You do know it is possible to hold still so the camera gets a steady image unless you have some kind of mobility issue.
Of course I do.  But what you are not accounting for is that you generally have to be able to see the target to be able to do this with any ease with a handheld camera.  And I can tell you that even as someone who sees, this can still be finicky.

To me, accessibility is about coming up with a way that works to get the desired result, and does so consistently.  Very often that means using compensatory strategies.
Things that rely on vision as a primary part of using them, and handheld cameras of any sort fall into this category, are going to prove challenging for those who have significant visual impairment or are blind.  It's never going to be even close in ease of use as it is for someone who has the sensory modality around which something is designed.  The same is true with regard to any technology that is primarily focused on a given sense and where that sense is significantly impaired or absent for a given individual.  And all accessibility, if any is even possible (you can't make the profoundly deaf hear no matter what), is a workaround that is absent much of the information contained in the sensory modality being "worked around."  At best you have some sort of rough to very, very rough approximation.

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