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On Tue, Jul 26, 2022 at 04:05 PM, Gene Warner wrote:
Except the Chase app won't let you use an already taken picture, it has to be taken with the app
I don't know of a single mobile check deposit app that doesn't require the photo to be taken inside the app.  Banking apps value certain aspects of security that other apps do not because they don't have to.  They want tight control over image source.

Apps that do edge detection generally are working with fixed cameras, that is, the camera itself cannot move when working with the thing being imaged.  That makes it quite easy, relatively speaking, to do edge detection.  By contrast, phones are handheld and subject to quite a bit of movement, which makes edge detection very difficult if you can't, literally, see what's in the image and stabilize the camera at the same time.

The use of a homemade rig essentially sets up precisely the same thing as a fixed camera and, provided you know where to place the check (or anything else, really, though dedicated rigs come into play based on the page size) you can get a consistent result pretty much each and every time.

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