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Gene Warner

Do the graphic buttons show up in JAWS as graphics? If so you could use the graphics labeler in JAWS to give them labels. You would need sighted help to do this but once it is done, you wouldn't need the help again.

I use Charter/Spectrum for my cable TV and internet and they use a router that I find quite accessible. At least I've been able to do everything I needed to do with it. It announces itself as a Sagemcom F@st5260 router.


On 7/24/2022 4:08 PM, Dave Durber wrote:
Hello everyone:
I need to set up port forwarding for a particular purpose. My ISP provider, is EE. The router's interface is mostly accessible. I was able to choose the device from the list, enter the start and end port forwarding addresses but, I could not find the button to press, which saves the new settings. I called EE and explained my problem. EE sent a technician to my home to try and help me set up the port forwarding function, which is when we discovered there were a couple of buttons on the port forwarding page which had been designed as graphics, which of course,no screen reader cannot speak.
Now, I am looking for a router, which has an interface, which is accessible using JAWS. Until 2014, when Annie and I moved to the UK, we always had Lynksys routers. Are the modern day Lynksys routers fully accessible using JAWS, if not, can any list members recommend a router, which is accessible, using JAWS.
Any suggestions, must contain both make and model numbers.
Thank you in anticipation for any and all suggestions.
Dave Durberr

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