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Rod & Ele Macdonald

Hello Joseph,

I haven't used Outlook Express in ages, but see if this helps:


This week's tip describes email filters using Outlook Express and its rules
based system:

1. Create mail folders for Jokes, Spam Saved mail, etc by RIGHT clicking on
Local Folders from the folder list, then clicking on New Folder. Creating
folders will give you a chance to really organize and sort email with this
rules technique

2. Click on Tools -> Message Rules -> Mail

3. In the first box, choose a parameter like "where the subject contains
specific words" (you can choose more than one parameter) OR where an email
address appears in the To or CC

4. In the second box, choose an action like "delete it" or "move to
specified folder"

5. In the third box, click on any underlined words to set the parameter (ex:
specified words = spam or viagra)

6. In box four, name your rule something descriptive

7. Click OK

8. Click New and repeat the steps to add new rules


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Hi rod using outlook express and windows7
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Hello Joseph,

Can you please provide more information about your system? Are you really
using Outlook Express, or is it Outlook? And if it is Outlook, what version
(2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 221 or 365, or from And what version
of Windows?

If it is Outlook and Windows 10/11, you can reach the "Create Rule" dialog
by pressing AltH, R, R, U. Or you can reach the Rules & Alerts manager with
Alt+R, R, L. In Outlook 2021 this can be found on the File tab.

Rod Macdonald

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From: Joseph Machise <jdmachise@...>
Date: Friday, July 22, 2022 4:52 am
Subject: help with jaws and a filter.

I'm using Jaws insert version number, and I'm trying to make a filter in
outlook express.
I don't know if I forgot the steps and I'm missing something, or if it is
Could someone post the steps for making a filter?

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