moderated Re: How do I activate a link in a book in Kindle for PC

Gene Warner

You might have to select the link, then copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into your browser.

I do not use Kindle in any flavor, so if there is a better way, I don't know it. But that approach should work if nothing else does.


On 7/21/2022 5:17 PM, Richard B. McDonald wrote:
I am using JAWS 2020 under Windows 10.  I am reading a book in Kindle for PC.  Periodically, I run across a link within the text.  How do I activate these links?  If it were a webpage, I would press enter on the link, or press the spacebar on the link or even press the applications key on the link.  None of these work on a link in a book in Kindle for PC.

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