moderated 3270 scripts

Larry Thacker Jr.

Hello all.  I’m new here.


soon I will be starting a job that requires me to work on a mainframe using a 3270 emulator.  At this point I do not know which one it will be.  I only hope it will work.  At my previous employer, I had a script written for QWS3270 provided by a contractor who worked for the company, which I modified primarily to add a function to toggle on and off the reading of line numbers when moving through ISPF screens.  That is the only feature I really care about.  Unfortunately I was not able to get this code off of the well-protected company computer.  I really do not want to have to spend time recreating this for my new job, which is paid by the hour.  So, this is the ask.  Does anyone have something similar that I could use as a template to shorten the time I will need to start doing real work efficiently.



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