Re: Jaws is crashing on my new Toshiba system with a 2.2ghz64bit processor

Dan Beaver <dbeaver888@...>


Actually, I am upgrading from a dual core 2.16 32bit Toshiba to this new
one. ?so, yes I have successfully run Jaws on a Toshiba. In fact, Jaws 13
that came on the disk with the 852 update installed is working just fine on


Dan Beaver

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Have you used JAWS successfully on the Toshiba?

A thousand years ago--at least five--when I bought a lovely new
Toshiba it crashed when I tried to use JAWS. the problem was that
there were two video cards, and poor JAWS didn't know what to
do. Disabling one of the cards fixed the problem.

I'm guessing that isn't what happened with yours, but just in case.

At 04:27 PM 5/13/2012, you wrote:
I run that version on win7 pro 64 bit and haven't experienced any
unusual level of problems. I would however suggest that you use the
download link off the website rather than the
auto-updater. I have had very mixed results trying to use the update
program that I've never had when using the full installer.

On 5/13/12, Dan Beaver <dbeaver888@...> wrote:

I am using Windows 7 Home and just updated my Jaws. they sent me the
and that is what I installed. When I check for updates it says 13.0.852

available. I am trying to get it downloaded and am hoping that will fix
this error. Is there a known problem with Jaws 13 on 64 bit systems?

I am also trying to get where I can capture the error and the offending
file. It is something that starts with MSVCR but I haven't been able to
catch the exact name of the file yet.

Any help would be appreciated although I am already aware that more info

probably needed.


Dan Beaver

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