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Gene Warner

I just tried this with a new spreadsheet I'm creating and it works. It's a bit more involved that the the insert+control+alt+C or R JAWS commands, but I can see how this makes it easy to remove them if you want to.


On 7/18/2022 8:56 PM, Ann Byrne wrote:
The step that I missed including is to go to JAWS quick settings and be sure that
"define name column and row titles override" is off.
then the process works.
At 08:01 AM 7/18/2022, you wrote:
It does work but the instructions left something out. The proper way is to add a user defined name for the worksheet that is in focus and the ending cell coordinate. For example:
Month in the above example is the user defined name which can be anything you would like. The two periods  are placeholders.. The  X is the ending column and 100 is the ending row for the data. Leave no spaces and accept the defaults as you tab to OK and press enter. This is the method suggested by Dan Clark from Freedom Scientific and has the added value that if the workbook is sent to another Jaws user They do not have to use the Jaws keystrokes . If you want an example of a workbook using this method let me know.
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Well I tried it, it did something but JAWS wasn't reading any of the titles like it does when you the insert+control+alt+C or R functions.

Thanks anyway!

On 7/17/2022 7:16 PM, Gene Warner via wrote:
I will have to try that next time, thanks!


On 7/17/2022 6:44 PM, Ann Byrne wrote:
the most direct way is
1. Open JAWS utilities on the JAWS screen 2. Arrow all the way down
to 'explore my settings"
3. Open personalized settings.
4. Navigate to the file that has the same name as your spread sheet,
with the extension .jsi and delete it.

that will remove all the JAWS settings for the particular spreadsheet
and you can start over.

I strongly prefer to use the Excel bookmark feature for row and
column titles.

With your cursor at the beginning of the row or column header (or the
intersection of both) 1.  Press the application key.
2. arrow up two or three times to "define name dot-dot-dot" and press
enter.  JAWS will speak the contents of the cell you are on, but just
ignore him.
3. If you want row titles only, type the word "rowtitle".
If you want only column titles type "columntitle".
If you want both row and column titles, type "title'.
4. Press enter.

These entries are in the bookmark manager, which you reach with
alt-m, then n., so they can be easily deleted.

Good luck!

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