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Sadly, in this case there is not much you can do.

Firstly, you would have to get the system provider people to sit down and see if they could try to change and make the system more accessible. Preferably the person who does the IT and programming part, not the liaison officer of the provider.

Secondly, which is the more conventional way is to do a trial yourself and remember as much as possible the function of each buttons. For example from the top of the screen, the first unlabelled button is for function A etc.


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In my workplace, we changed call center system to a new system.

I can’t take/forward calls, because the Salesforce extension of the system, is not accessible at all.

The system called Genesys cloud.

The buttons of the extension are clearly not labelled. Screen reader, in this case JAWS or NVDA, says “button” or “unlabeled button”.


What can I do about it?


I’ve talked with the company of the system, and they said, they’re accessible.



Thanks for any help.




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