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Artur Räpp



I have used 2 metods:

My favorite method

Copied entire table, pasted it into Excel and selected the column in Excel. Word should work too but I havent tried with Word.


Second method

If the table is not very big then

Moved to the column

Pressed win+alt+. (period) – JAWS command Read entire column or moved ctrl+alt+arrow keys up or down

Read entire column (win+alt+period) gives everything as a long line.  Move by cell (ctrl+alt+up or down arrows) might give extra speech: row 1, row 2 and so on – you might need to adjust JAWS options for clean copy.


And then copied from the speech history

To open speech history: JAWS key+space, h

Speech history is like a webpage




From: <> On Behalf Of mike mcglashon
Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2022 7:34 PM
Subject: copying and pasting a column from a webpage into notepad


Hi guys:


If I am on a webpage and I wish to select a column of text from within a table,

And then paste it into word or notepad but not as a column in a table,

How do I do this?

Using jaws 2022?

I think the browser is chrome if that helps?


The reason for me doing this is that,

After I paste the column into word or notepad,

I then have constructed an outline of topics and subtopics already set.

Because the topics and subtopics are all located within a particular column.



Please advise as you like.


Mike M.


Mike mcglashon

Email: Michael.mcglashon@...

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