Moderated Re: Caps lock as Jaws key

Gene Warner

Unless you want to shout something, in internet speak that's what all caps means.


On 7/18/2022 1:39 PM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
I dare say that the caps lock key unmodified is often problematic for many.
Often passwords don't get entered correctly because people don't realize the
caps lock is on.
I think that it is more of a problem for the sighted though, because we
screenreader users get a higher pitched TTS when letters are capitalized.
But sighted or not, I think it is a better way, to have to double tap the
caps lock key to invoke that action, since we rarely type in all caps.
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Thanks for your perspective. Hopefully, then the question assisted some
laptop users.
The reason, in retrospect, that I considered my question "stupid" is that
I forgot that, for normally capitalizing things, is that, of course, we
all use the shift key, not the capslock.
That makes the use of the capslock relatively infrequent.
And, that infrequency, is my JAWS uses that key as an alternate.

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