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Justin Williams

JaWS 2021 for me was almost unusable.

2022 works a lot better.



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This sounds like a problem several people, including me, have noted.
JAWS isn't freezing, it is loosing the focus, this seems to only happen in Edge and Chrome. And as far as I know, there is no fix except to do what you are already doing.


On 7/18/2022 6:35 AM, Rahul Bajaj wrote:

I se JAWS 2021. WHen I open documents in GOogle Docs, after reading a
particular paragraph, JAWS freezes and stops talking. Nothing happens
when I go up or down with the arrow keys. I have to press alt+tab, go
elsewhere, and then come back, to make JAWS read out the document. How
can i fix this?


Rahul Bajaj
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(India and Linacre 2018), University of Oxford Co-Founder, Mission
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disabilities, Oxford Human Rights Hub Coordinator of the working group
on accessibility, e-Committee, Supreme Court of India

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