moderated Re: removing column and/or row titles in excel

Gene Warner

That's not what I'm looking for. The insert+control+alt+C or R commands tells JAWS which column or row I want it to use for the titles, on the spreadsheet I am working on, I accidentally set column titles when I wanted row titles, now I want to undo that mistake, but still have JAWS read the titles if I choose later to define it again.

What you are proposing would turn off reading column and/or row titles for spreadsheets as well as for html and PDFs.

For now I manually edited the .JSI file for the spreadsheet to accomplish my goal, but I'm thinking that there has to be a better way.



On 7/17/2022 2:48 PM, Justin Williams wrote:
I would have to look for it, but some where in verbosity should be clarn column and row titles.
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Hi everyone!
I know how to define a row or column as a column or row title,
insert+control+alt+C or insert+control+alt+R.
But I cannot find how to remove a previously defined column or row title. Anybody know?

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