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Dan Longmore

If a Lenovo the "FN" key and "ESC" key will toggle this setting off or on. Drove me crazy for a bit when I first got my Lenovo. Other models have similar means however some are more complicated.


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Hello. So I got a new computer with Windows 11, so I have been trying to figure out the layout of the new laptop and all of that. And I’ve noticed that when I’m on a webpage and I want to hit insert plus F7 to go to a links list, it doesn’t work, same with insert plus F4 to unload JAWS (Not that I would ever actually want to do that, but I was just trying to mess around with it). It’s like my function keys aren’t working in the way that I need them to. Like for example, I believe it is my F5 key that functions as a mute button right now, but I don’t want that, I want them to just function as regular F one through F 12 keys. I posted on a Facebook group, and I was told to do the function key plus escape, and I’ve tried that and it still is the same way. Is JAWS supposed to say anything when I perform that action of function key plus escape? Usually I’m pretty tech savvy, but this not being able to do insert plus F7 for the links list is kind of baffling right now. I know I can use the Hey Sharky feature and have it pull up links that way, but still, I’d like to have the normal key command work. Thanks.

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