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Yes, start a new email fill out all of the form that will be constant. Then hit your F 12 K set a name for it, tab down to file type and down arrow once then up arrow twice. It tends to work better that way I don’t know why. He will be on in outlook message template save it wherever you’d like and when you go back in all you have to do is fill in the information that is specific to that next email. 
So if you had an invoice, you could leave the to field blank put your email in the C C field fill out the subject line as much as possible and the message body as much as possible that way when you go back all you have to do is put who it’s two and then the pertinent information for each one of your invoices most of the work is done it’s just customizing it that you’ll need to do each time you go in.

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By ‘Email template’, do you mean you can set up a form or prepare a general email with the info?



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Michael, the easiest way that I have found to do that is to make an email template with all of the people in the two or the C C field. Fill out all of the rest of it and then when you put the student notes in there all you have to do is bring up that one template fill in the date and the information about the class and send it and it will send it to everybody. If you need any help just let me know and I will give you my contact information.

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Hello all,

I hope everybody is enjoying their Friday so far.

The purpose of sending this email to you just to want to ask y’all a question.

I started working and my job is to tutor students how to use various Assistive Technologies include how to use a PC with Jaws connected to a Braille display.  One of the tasks that I must do in my work is to send out progress note of that student via group email every time when I finish helping a student so this way my other co-workers can continue with the lesson that I started. Well, for some reason I kind of forgot how to put the contacts that I have created into a group in Outlook. Do any of you know the instructions how to do that? I tried various ways to do it, but they are all invalid.

Please help if you know the commands

Best regards

Michael H. Munn

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