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Taylor Durrett

I was wondering about this too. I sent a message in this group earlier today but haven’t gotten any responses back. My function keys on my top row of my new laptop  are not functioning like normal function keys, but instead they’re like, functioning like multimedia keys instead. Like one of them is functioning as a mute button instead of the F5  key, just normal F5. When I go to a  Webpage, I cannot seem to activate the links list with insert F7. It just doesn’t do anything. I’ve even messed around with choosing the different keyboard layouts. And I was told that I could hold down the function key and then hit escape and that would switch the way the function keys work, but I’ve tried that and still nothing. Is JAWS supposed to say something when you do that Function+Escape command? I know that I could pull up the links list with the Hey Sharky command, but I’d still like for that insert F7 command to work

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Hi, Loy.


The Kinesis line of ergonomic computer keyboards is an alternative to the traditional keyboard design. Most widely known among these are the contoured Advantage line, which feature recessed keys in two bucket-like hollows which allow the fingers to reach keys with less effort as well as a central array of modifiers such as enter, alt, backspace, control, etc. where they can be pressed with the thumbs. All Kinesis keyboards (except the Essential) support the capability to re-map individual keys. Recent models also come with the ability to switch between the Dvorak layout with the press of a special key combination, though keycaps printed with dual-legend QWERTY/Dvorak letters are included only on specific models. Moreover, the keys are laid out in perfect vertical rows to avoid the need for lateral movements during typing.


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There is a new keyboard layout listed in the keyboard layout selection box. What is it? I don't know how to spell it, but it sounds like kenisisst.

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