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Gene Warner

If you are in the favorites manager, first letter navigation may not work, I have never tried it there.

Personally I still wish Microsoft would resurrect Internet Explorer, that was in my humble opinion the best browser.


On 7/15/2022 6:36 PM, Karen Reynolds wrote:
I can't get that to work, but I am also having trouble getting to favorites and saving them. Maybe it is time to stop for today. <smile>
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First letter navigation works for me with the favorites, but only after you have entered the favorites folder the favorite you want is in, in other words, first letter navigation doesn't work if only the favorites is showing.
On 7/15/2022 4:15 PM, Karen Reynolds wrote:
I usually get that screen when I boot my computer after “Windows 11
upgrade” notice has been in notifications for a week or so. Sometimes
I don’t always notice, but this has gone on for about a year. Perhaps
once a month or so I get the notice. I press the decline button and
then the not now button and that seems to make it go away for awhile.

I’ll move to it as soon as I can get Edge figured out. For some reason
there are a couple of webpages I use that I can’t seem to figure out
in Edge. Mostly downloading from BARD. I also can’t seem to be able to
get into favorites as well as I do in IE. And the ones under imported
from IE won’t let me use a first letter find on them, so I have to
arrow a lot. I’m hoping once IE is gone and I’m using 11 that this will go away.


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*Subject:* windows 11 upgrade

Hi list,

I came back from a trip last night and when I turned on my computer I
was able to log in with Jaws like normal but then a screen came up for
windows 11 upgrade. I only know this as I had a friend looking at
through face time, but even with their help I could not get past it
and just had a frend stop by and do it for me. Has anyone else
encountered this and how do I go about fully declining the upgrade so
this doesn’t happen again? Thanks so much

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