moderated Re: jaws says zero in front of all my messages in thunderbird


By the way, Version 102 is not yet a production release.  It is a beta that is not being pushed out over the release channel and the release notes page for version 102 notes that it is not yet part of the release channel.

Most of the time, when this sort of software is installed to replace what you already have (and for most of us that would be version 91 dot something) you will lose the customizations you've made, or some of them, which is what could account for the reappearance of the previously fixed announcement of zero.

If there's not something you simply must have in Version 102 then please wait until it is offered via the release channel and built-in update feature of Thunderbird.  Those kinds of updates are generally very careful to retain all previous user settings choices as part of the upgrade (though sometimes, even then, certain things get switched back to what the Thunderbird developers want as initial defaults).

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