moderated Re: FS voice assist has access to my microphone and I don't want that

Dan Longmore

Not sure how it is intrusive as JAWS indicates that your microphone is being used. Since many use laptops , tablets and even desktops with microphones default is good to be on although I agree it may be annoying if not needed.

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Thanks, I appreciate the info. I feel like this "assistant" should be turned off by default. It's intrusive.

Thanks again

On 7/14/22, Ann Byrne <annakb@...> wrote:
the microphone is waiting for commands to sharky. To turn it off, On
the JAWS screen, press alt-u for utilities. The first thing there is
"voice assistant submenu".
Open the submenu and activate settings dot-dot-dot.
There is an item that says "enable voice assistant", checked." Uncheck it.

This will disable sharky's responding to the spoken command "hey
sharky", but you can still use it with alt-insert-space.
At 06:51 AM 7/14/2022, you wrote:

I recently started seeing a message that says the freedom scientific
voice assistant has access to my microphone. I didn't think too much
of it until my laptop responded randomly to ambient sound when I was
nowhere near the keyboard.

I can see in settings how to turn off all access to the mic, but there
are some apps I want to have access. Jaws is not one of them, but I
don't see a checkbox to disable it. Can someone help?




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