Re: What's the current state of 3270 support?

Steve Matzura

Yes, Steve, this is exactly what I recommended the company do. They're
coughing up blood over my suggestion, but I think they may very well
bow to it if shown that using another terminal program isn't the end
of the world according to anyone.

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For years I used Reflections for 3270 with great success. There are
instructions on the Freedom Scientific website about adjustments needed to
optimize using it with Jaws.


Steve Parker

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I called FS today from a client site when I discovered that the
application for which I'd been hired to write scripts was, in fact,
using a 3270 emulator called QWS3270, which, of course, disallows
scripting of any kind. FS recommended either Attachmate, Reflections,
or Hummingbird Exceed. The interesting part about their
recommendations is the Attachmate Corporation and the old
Walker-Richer-Quinn (WRQ) merged seven years ago! I don't know what
their new product is called, or if it's even useable with JAWS, but I
figure, with the world of diversity of usage on this list, one of you
lot can probably tell me everything I need to know that FS could not,
since they didn't even know about the product and company merge.
Thanks in advance for any info you might have about JAWS and 3270
terminal emulation.

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