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I hope someone eventually straightens the versions out. This morning – without knowingly changing anything – I found what appears to be a different-looking home screen, and while managing rules is still on the File menu, it is also on the Home screen and can be reached with Alt+H, R, R, U to create a rule, or Alt+H, r, R, L to manage rules.


After I pressed Alt+H that keystroke appeared on my braille display. When I pressed the first “R” nothing happened; but when I pressed the second the “Create Rule” dialog came up, and from there I could tab to “Manage Rules”. Pressing Alt+H, R, R, L would take me directly there.


Why this did not work the other day I have no idea whatever.




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On Mon, Jul 11, 2022 at 03:54 AM, Rod & Ele Macdonald wrote:

“Rules & Alerts” is not on the Home tab in Outlook 2021: it is on the FILE tab – Alt+F and then tab 3-4 times.

It appears that at some point I'm going to have to sit down with someone who has Office 2021 and M365 and get some screen shots of the various ribbons and the file backstage view to see what's on them and where.  This is definitely a recent change and if it's occurred in Office 2021 it will certainly have occurred in M365.

I hate it when what had been many years, and versions, of "standard arrangements" get changed.  But it's all part of how software works over time.  But I have no intention of replacing Office 2016 anytime soon, so I'm going to need to acquire the keyboard shortcuts by actually looking at what's shown when you hit ALT plus the ribbon letter for all the ribbons in a given Office suite program.

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