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Adrian Spratt


When this happens to me, I use the JAWS version of screen refresh by pressing JAWS key-escape. If that doesn't work, try the Windows F5 refresh followed by the same Jaws key combo.

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That is possible.


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I don't know if this is your specific problem, but I have encountered sites where the error messages are displayed as graphics, sure they look like text to a sighted person, but to the screen reader they are graphics which it can't read without being able to run it through OCR first.


On 7/11/2022 10:17 AM, Barbara Sheinbein wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Something has happened from time to time, and I am looking for a
better way to handle this.

I had to set up at a website my profile which included creating a
username and password. When I entered on Next, I was still on the
same screen. This told me that I had an error. I could not find the
error message and I went carefully from top to bottom. I also
reviewed the fields I had entered and did not pick up the error.
Later I had my sighted sister help and she was seeing messages in a
box. We got all resolved at this website. I asked her later what she
recalled about the error message’s appearance. All she could recall that it was in a box.
I did not hear anything like error or please correct.

Was there a better way for me to handle this on my own?

I was using Windows 10, Chrome and JAWS 2022.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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