moderated Website error messages

Barbara Sheinbein

Hi Everyone,


Something has happened from time to time, and I am looking for a better way to handle this.


I had to set up at a website my profile which included creating a username and password.  When I entered on Next, I was still on the same screen.  This told me that I had an error.  I could not find the error message and I went carefully from top to bottom.  I also reviewed the fields I had entered and did not pick up the error.  Later I had my sighted sister help and she was seeing messages in a box.  We got all resolved at this website.  I asked her later what she recalled about the error message’s appearance.  All she could recall that it was in a box.  I did not hear anything like error or please correct.


Was there a better way for me to handle this on my own?


I was using Windows 10, Chrome and JAWS 2022.


Thanks in advance for any ideas.



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