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Gerald Levy

Well, good luck finding a replacement for Thunderbird, because if you are looking for a free email client that offers comparable accessibility and features, you will have a tough time finding one.  You could switch to the Windows 10 Mail app, but if you didn't like Thunderbird, you will almost certainly hate, hate, hate this email client.  Your only other option would be Outlook, which of course, isn't free, or some other paid client like Becky's Email, which I am not familiar with.  Happy searching.


On 7/10/2022 10:23 PM, Gene Warner wrote:

Besides, who is to blame is beside the point. Whether I saw it now by mistakenly downloading 102 before I should have or whether I waited until Mozilla offered it through the update channel, the point was that I could see where Thunderbird was going and I didn't like it, so it is time to look for something to replace it with.

Throwing out blame was pointless and accomplished nothing.

Now can we just drop it and get back to the original question?


On 7/10/2022 10:11 PM, Bill White wrote:
Hi, Brian. Gene didn't have to deflect anything. Your aim is horrible. Maybe we're the ones who are sighted, and maybe you need cataract surgery ... on your mind!

Bill White

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On Sun, Jul 10, 2022 at 08:41 PM, Gene Warner wrote:

If you don't have anything nice to say, you should try saying nothing at all.

No, Gene.  And your deflections, and that's all they are, are duly noted.  Grow up!

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