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Tom X <ballistic622@...>


The part I like about Tbird is that it is simple to make a backup copy of the roaming, Thunderbird folder or just the profiles folder.

Having a copy of the profiles folder backed up every couple of weeks, has got me out of trouble numerous times.  .

Maybe other email clients also have this feature but Outlook 2013 certainly did not which is why that client is not used any more by me.


On 11/07/2022 2:08 pm, Curtis Delzer wrote:
HI, try Becky mail from

I came from Becky to t-bird, but there isn't any good and accessibility reasoning I used to keep with t-bird. Becky's filters are somewhat easier to use, and Becky is not free except the first 40 days, and if you wish the archive I'll make a link for you. There is a specialized help file for Becky, like Audacity, for example, which is quite comprehensive.

On 7/10/2022 7:37 PM, Chris Hill wrote:
Different strokes, I guess.  I just messed with the address book, and for what little use I make of it, I guess it will be fine.  Most of what I need to do is go delete old stuff, and other than a little extra tabbing around, it is good enough.


On 7/10/2022 18:50, Gene Warner wrote:
First there was this new Spaces button in the tab order that I would have preferred to be able to remove as I did not need it, but I could live with that.

What really did it for and caused me to go back to 91 was that the address book was completely different, so different that it wasn't a matter of just getting used to it, I found it much more difficult to manage. The simple list of contacts was gone, it was replaced with a drop down list. So I looked for options that might restore the address book to what I preferred, but could not find anything.


On 7/10/2022 7:32 PM, Chris Hill wrote:
Hmmm, I'm running 102, and it seems basically the same to me.  What problems were you having?


On 7/10/2022 18:29, Gene Warner wrote:
Hi everyone!

I recently upgraded Thunderbird to version 102 from version91 and wow! I did not like the changes at all, in fact I just finished downgrading it back to version 91.

The problem now is that I won't be getting any more updates, especially any security fixes that might come up. So now I am in the hunt for something to replace it. I don't need the kitchen sink thrown at me like Outlook does. I just need a simple and accessible email client that can do IMAP. I use GMail and want to keep my email on the server. Any recommendations?

I was also using Thunderbird's RSS capability  to monitor the podcasts for new episodes to download on my Victor Reader since I have it set up for manual downloading of podcast episodes, but that is for another topic.



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