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Hello Brian,


In December I purchased a new desktop – HP Envy I7, Windows 11 and Office 2021. Best Buy set it all up. I tried to make accessibility adjustments where I knew how.


Given that I am not sure everything is in optimum order in terms of settings, the Home screen consists of the following (e.g., Alt+H and then cycle with tTab):



New Email Alt+H, N

Delete Alt+D

Archive Alt+O

Move Alt+H, M, V

Reply Ctrl+R

Reply All Ctrl+Shift+R

Forweard Ctrl+F

Quick Steps Alt+H, Q, S

Unread/ Read Ctrl+U/Ctrl-Q

Follow Up Alt+H, U

Search People

Addresss Book Ctrl+Shift+B

Filter Email Alt+H, L

Send/Receive All Folders Alt+H, S

More Commands, Home Alt+H

Ribbon Display Options

File Tab



No sign of Rules here, but I found “Rules” twiced: Once with  a KeyTip of Alt+H, S; and once on “More Commands” as just a control – no access letter, and when I pressed it it just took me back to the message list.


I had a brief introduction to Office 2013, but nothing since until I got 2021; so I don’t know what may have changed.


The above references Outlook only. I wqill get to Word soon.


I hope this helps.





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If you find out that the Home Ribbon (or any other) has been rearranged in any of the Office versions subsequent to Office 2016 please do post about that here.

I have Office 2016, but have worked with Office 2019 and M365, and have not seen any differences in the ribbons for Word that I can recall.  I would be shocked if Office 2021 were to vary from either Office 2019 or M365 in terms of the ribbons for any of the most commonly used Office suite programs.

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