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Thanks. I misspoke on the access: I do use a QWERTY keyboard for input, but braille-only to read.


Also, I am using Office 2021, not 365. I chose Office 2021 because, at age 81, I don’t recurring payments.


After a little research with sighted help, I think I have found at least part of the problem:


Before getting into all this I did my research and found recommended settings – turn Reading Pane off, turn “conversations” off, turn to-Do bar off. I thought I did all that.


For turning the Reading Pane off, the instruction was to press Alt+V, P, N, O. I did that. There was no response other than to have Alt+V on the display.


I just had a sighted person check, and the rReading Pane was on. I had someone turn it off with the mouse.


With respect to the rules: I noticed that when I pressed Alt0+H, there was no “Keytip” beginning with “R”. I eventually found “Rules” under a heading I can’t remember now, but it was not on the Home screen itself.


This implies that Office 2021 may be set up a bit differently. There seems to be very little in the way of documentation specific to Office 2021, though I do have a keystroke list that is for this version.


OK, my apologies again. I am taking a step back and will call Microsoft Disability Herlp Desk as soon as I can arrange for an interpreter (I am deaf and need assistance with calls). I have written down the help you have already provided and will be using it once I am sure I am on “safe” ground.






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Unless they changed something in regard to the default controls on the Home Ribbon under M365, I honestly can't say what's going wrong, particularly since Braille input is being used.

Everyone I've ever worked with (and including myself) has used a standard QWERTY keyboard and I don't know what complications the Braille input may be triggering.  I wish I could be of more help, but someone reading who routinely uses Braille input can probably offer some insight.

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