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On Sun, Jul 10, 2022 at 11:46 AM, Adrian Spratt wrote:
He omitted a comma between the two rr’s.
Just to be clear, no, I didn't.  The way these shortcuts are presented is with 2-character steps as 2 characters together, and there are a very great many of them.  When I type "RR" I expect that the individual reading will type 2 Rs in rapid succession.

I follow the exact presentation convention of the software itself, and if you hit ALT+H in Outlook, the Rules control then has RR shown.  Other examples of this type of shortcut include the following, after having hit the ALT + H to throw focus to the Home Ribbon:
In the Delete Group:
O1 - Archive
If a message is selected in the inbox, in the Respond Group:
RP - Reply
RA - Reply All
FW - Forward
MR - Reply with Meeting Request
ME - More Respond Actions
In the Quick Steps Group:
QS - Quick Steps
QQ - Manage Quick Steps
In the Move Group:
MV - Move
RR - Rules
ON - Send to One Note (message must be selected)
In the Find Group:
FC - Find search box to search People
AB - Address Book
R1 - Read Aloud with Speech (and this may be non-standard, as I can't recall whether I placed this on the Home Ribbon ages ago or not) 

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