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Rod & Ele Macdonald

Thank you, again. I found your tutorial to be very helpful, and this latest adds to that.


I am in the process of re-learning Windows and Word – which I have used sparingly for 25 yeares, and learning Outlook from-scratch. I did use Windows 10 Mail for awhile, but I am mostly migrating from an old HIMS notetaker.

It is a wee challenge at age 81.


You don’t by any change have other tutorials lying about do you? Mastering contacts will be my next challenge. But … yes, I am learninf; just today I figured out how to save messages in files off-line, with my own subjects to sort them properly.


Mahalo nui loa (“Thanks very much” in Hawaiian.)




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On Fri, Jul 8, 2022 at 09:52 PM, Rod & Ele Macdonald wrote:

Can you tell me how to delete the multiple attempts I have made that do not work?


This is most easily done in the Manage Rules & Alerts dialog, which you get to by ALT + H, RR, L.  I'd say the dialog is pretty self explanatory.  A list of your existing rules is presented with a checkbox associated with each.  After you have selected the rule or rules you wish to delete, navigate back to the Delete button and activate it and they're gone.  Then you can exit the dialog.

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