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Tom X <ballistic622@...>

Hi Gene

Yes, it is only when editing a message that the duplication of the first letter in the first word is noticed.

As for deleteing or opening the wrong message, this does not happen on my system every time.  Just now and again to keep me on my toes.


On 9/07/2022 1:09 pm, Gene Warner wrote:
Hi Tom!

I haven't had any problems with deleting the wrong message or having the wrong message opened, just having it open up in the middle of a message and the doubling the first letter of the first word in a line, only I notice it while editing a message.

eOn 7/8/2022 8:35 PM, Tom X via wrote:
Hi Gene,

Yes, I have also noticed this behaviour when opening a new message but more often when using an outlook account.

What I have also noticed in Thunderbird and Jaws is that when arrowing up and down the list of messages is that while Jaws may read a message heading, pressing the delete key may result in a different message being deleted. Also, pressing enter on a message  so the contents can be read sometimes results in a different message being opened.

Another problem is that when right arrowing through a new message Jaws often says the first letter of the word on the next line, twice. i.e. If the first word on the next line is word, when right arrowing across the line break, Jaws will often say, "w w o r d."

These problems have been around for numerous versions of both Thunderbird and Jaws. The duplication of the first letter mentioned above, also happened in Window Eyes.


On 8/07/2022 11:23 pm, Gene Warner wrote:
Hi everyone!

Here's something I've noticed, frequently, when I open an email for reading, JAWS will not be at the beginning of the email, it is somewhere in the middle. Isn't it supposed to start at the beginning as it usually does?


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