moderated Re: License and years left

Gene Warner

Hi Karen!

You should be able to go to the about JAWS dialog and it will tell you how many upgrades you have left.

1. insert+J to open the JAWS context menu
2. press up arrow two time to get to the about option
3. press enter
4. press insert+alt+W to virtualize the dialog, this makes it easy to browse what it says.
or you could switch to the JAWS cursor by pressing the numeric keypad - key.



On 7/8/2022 9:26 AM, Karen Reynolds wrote:
I called and updated my SMA. I want to take a look at it. This morning when I booted my computer a dialog box popped up and wanted to renew my license. I did go through the steps and then woke up and wondered if all is okay with my SMA. There used to be a page where you could put in your number and see how many years you have left. I found the one for keys, but not the one for years. Does anyone know that page?

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