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i agree!  I have had several laptops over the years, and never particularly liked the keyboards, so dealt with the issue by using a USB keyboard. If the laptop has bluetooth, you could use a bluetooth keyboard, thus freeing up a USB port.

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Why not use an USB keyboard with your computer.  That would take the wear and tear off the onboard keyboard.  I always use such a setup with y laptop.Pat ByrneAt 01:43 PM 7/7/2022, you wrote:

Hi all,

Given the fact that this will be the second time in just over two years that I’ve had keys on this laptop break I’m considering purchasing another laptop to have as a back-up in case I have any more keys break as I can’t keep replacing the keyboard even though the laptop works just fine. Also I know that this one will eventually bite the dust and when that eventually does happen I’d hate to be stuck without a computer for awhile as we’d have to order one as all of the ones that are sold around here are all high-end business laptops which given what I use a laptop for (email, web browsing and basic word processing) is not what I need/want to buy. So my question is this, if I do get a new laptop while this one is still working grate is there any way that I can still use this one while the new one is being set up; I know programs can be installed but is there any way to copy Jaws settings or would Jaws have to be completely uninstalled from this current computer? If settings can be copied; I have the Home licance on this computer (I changed licence types) can I have more then one copy of a home licence under the same licence or would I have to buy a second licence? Sorry if I’m not making sense but this would be my first time doing this; my old laptop was so old that I think everything was just installed on this one and I had to change any settings myself. In case anyone is wondering any new computer  would have the latest version of Jaws installed on it. I wouldn’t do this stuff myself; I’d have it done at our local computer store but I still need to know what exactly I’d need to ask them to do as if this computer has to be completely wiped then I wouldn’t get a new one as this one works perfectly fine and like I said this new one would be the backup if I have issues with my current one and would be my new one when this one bites the dust. Like I said I know absolutely nothing about this stuff so I really hope that someone can help me!




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