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Hi Gene,
I don't know if one made for documents would give you better results, as it
is more a factor of the resolution, which you can change in the scanner's
I've had good luck with my color scanners, one is a cannon scanner and the
other is a all-in one printer scanner.
The all in one I have now wirelessly connects to my router and is in the
network, but is a pain if I have a lot to scan, going back and forth from
one room to another.
The one I had before wasn't meant for a network, but I connected it to my
router and found it in the network and made it work.
I'm not even sure if they make any any more that don't do color.

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Hi everyone!

I currently have a color photo scanner, I believe that I could get
better OCR results if I switched to a scanner designed primarily for
scanning documents. Can anyone recommend one? I wouldn't mind a document
feeder, but it doesn't need to be one that can hold a ton of pages, if
it can hold and feed 10 pages, that would be plenty for my needs.


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