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Gene Warner

You make a very good point, I installed Firefox 101 to avoid the context menu problems people are talking about in 102.

I still wish that Microsoft would resurrect Internet Explorer, but first take out all the active x crap. I always disabled it as a first step anyway. JAWS has never supported any browser as well as it supported Internet Explorer.


On 7/6/2022 3:47 PM, Don Mauck wrote:
I'll point out that Firefox is having issues of its own such as not recognizing certain ARIA messages and picking ARIA-Live messages.
The overall inconsistency of these Browsers is getting to be more troublesome every month it would seem.
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Same here, although I've never really been a fan of Firefox, this problem with Chromium is becoming such an annoyance that I have just installed Firefox 101 and have been learning how to use it and may end up making it my default browser. Which would be fitting in a way, I'm already using their email client, Thunderbird.
On 7/6/2022 3:13 PM, Chris Hill wrote:
I agree, hit has gotten worse.  At lest I can use firefox when the
chromium-based browsers won't do the job.


On 7/6/2022 12:21, Afik Souffir wrote:
I’ve done that and its not help.

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I have is make sure the browser is maximized using alt+ space and x.


On 7/6/2022 10:54, Afik Souffir wrote:

Yes!!!! It's really need to fix quickly, it's effecting my daily work.

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I've noticed the same thing; my guess, off the top of my head, is
that something has chhanged with the 2-chromium based browsers.

The question is what; and the work around or fix.

Will be interested in the feedback of others on this.

On Wed, 6 Jul 2022, Afik Souffir wrote:


In my work laptop, Lenovo Thinkpad i5 with windows 10, and JAWS
2022.22.06.9 JAWS is loosing focus in our CRM internal systems
constantly, but not limited to them.
For example, I'm doing something on SalesForce and then I'm
myself at the bottom of the webpage, while I was in the center...
My touchpad is turned of.
This happened to me in any page.

Any ideas?



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