moderated Re: more help with jaws please.

Gene Warner

Hi Joseph!

Step by step

1. Press insert+6, this brings up the settings center.
2. Press control+shift+D, this changes you to the default settings
3. Go down to the Miscellanous section, you can also press M until you get there.
4. If it is closed, press the right arrow to open it.
5. Down arrow to Notify about new FSCast, or press N until you get there.
6. Press the space bar so that it is checked.
7. Tab to the OK button, then press Enter, you can also just press Enter while on the Notify about new FSCast option.

You are done, JAWS will now look for new episodes of the FSCast and notify you about them.

Note: You can also just type 'FSCast' into the search box to go straight to the setting, then start at step 6 abouve.


On 7/5/2022 8:33 AM, Joseph Machise wrote:
more help with jaws please.
Hi list I have jaws19 and windows7 where can I turn on the settings to get FSCast, thanks in advance from Joseph.
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