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Bill White

Hi, Gene. Do you realize that if Apple supported accessibility for all platforms, they would not only need to make their products accessible to Apple IOS,and Windows, but also Android and linux? with all the platforms out there, this would be almost impossible, and with every iteration of the software, they would need to test all the platforms to make sure nothing was broken in the translation between platforms. I don't think this is reasonably feasible.

Bill White


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Hi Mike!

Oh man! If that works with my iPhone SE 2022, I will be so happy!
Finally an accessible way to get my photos off my phone!

After some googling around I discovered that Sandisk makes a flash drive
that they call iXpand which plugs into an iPhone to transfer your photos
onto, then you plug it into a USB port on your computer to copy the
photos to your computer. I was considering this approach if there was
nothing else available.

I called Apple support about this accessibility problem an their
position was that "Yes, they are committed to full accessibility for all
of their products", but what isn't said is that that commitment only
applies as long as you are using nothing but Apple products. Insert a
non Apple product and nothing is guaranteed. To me that is not
accessibility, to me accessibility should be platform agnostic. That
being said, my next phone will be an Android phone and Apple can pound
sand for all that I care! I simply cannot support a conditional
accessibility statement like that.

Getting off my soapbox now...


On 7/4/2022 1:56 PM, Mike B. wrote:

Hi Gene,
Here's how we transfer photos from our SE2020 iPhones to our computers
running iOS14.8 and both Windows 7 & 10 operating systems using the
Lightning to USB data / charging cable:

1. Plug the iPhone into the PC using the lightning / USB cable, and
single finger double tap the Trust device option that pops up on your

2. Open Explorer with the keystroke, Windows key + E, find Apple iPhone
and press enter.

3. Select and open a folder named, Internal Storage, and open the, DCIM,

4. The only folder I have here is, you may have more, 100Apple, and this
is where my pictures are stored.
Now copy / paste this folder to a flashdrive or whatever you want to,
and you've successfully moved / saved a copy of your picture folder to
the computer.
Stay safe & take care. Mike.

Stay safe and take care. Mike.
PSA Folks: You can still get gas for under a dollar fifty at Taco Bell!
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Hi everyone!

I am trying to transfer all of my photos from my iPhone to my PC, but so
far haven't had any luck. First, using Edge I logged into my Apple ID
then went to my iCloud drive with no problems. Then when I tried to
select my photos so I could download them, my iCloud drive seemed empty
even though it was reporting having something like 78 photos. I even
tried using the touch cursor but still had no luck.

Then I was told that I should install iCloud for Windows and it would
download my photos for me, so I did. Now I not only find that I cannot
access anything on my iCloud drive, the app won't stay loaded. It used
to have a notification area icon but that never shows up any more even
though all three startup programs that Apple installed are turned in the
Windows 10 settings program.

So what do I do now? I know I could just email the pictures to myself,
but with almost 80 photos, that would be quite tedious.

I thought Apple was committed to full accessibility for all of their
products and I know that iCloud for Windows is an Apple product. Had I
known that Apple would make it this difficult, I'd have emailed the
photos to myself as soon as I took them.


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