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Hi Alan,
Those are very good instructions.
I think Jaws can tell the user what the font color is as well, so if the person using your steps can find a character in some of the text, they can first find the exact color.

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Hi Rahul,


I’m going to provide what I hope will help you locate blue text in your Word document. The instructions I’m providing were done on a system running Windows 10, Fusion 2020, and Word 2019 so if any of my steps differ from yours, it might be due to that. Also, when searching for colors, I’m assuming whoever marked the color in your document used the standard color blue and not some derivation thereof.


From the top of the Word document containing the blue text, do the following:


  1. Press ctrl + h to open the find and replace dialog.
  2. You should be located In the find what text box but you can press alt + n to move there and type an * which is a wildcard to find anything.
  3. Press alt + m to open the more options.
  4. Press alt + u to tick the box to use wildcards.
  5. Press alt + o to open the Format drop-down list and arrow to Font and press enter.
  6. Press alt + c to open the Font color drop-down box and down arrow until you hear Standard colors and then right arrow to blue and press enter.
  7. Tab to the Ok button and press enter.
  8. Press alt + f to initiate the find next and you should be taken to the first occurrence of blue text in your document.
  9. Press esc to close the find and replace dialog so you can repeatedly press shift + F4 to navigate to the next occurrences of blue text within the document.


I hope this helps but write back if the steps are confusing, don’t work, or if you have more questions.


Alan Lemly


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Subject: isolating text in a particular colour in word




I use Word 16, JAWS 2021, Win 10.


I would like to be able to isolate, in a word document, all the text that is in blue. That is the text that I need to study. I am not able to do this.


I have created a skim reading rule with blue is the text colour and white as the background colour. JAWS keeps ticking on pressing control+caps+down arrow after creating the rule. But does not read out any text. It finally says 'no matches found'. I know for a fact that there is some blue text in the document. Can someone help, please?





Rahul Bajaj
Senior Resident Fellow,
Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, New Delhi, India
Rhodes Scholar (India and Linacre 2018)
University of Oxford

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