moderated JAWS and Apple's iCloud?

Gene Warner

Hi everyone!

I am trying to transfer all of my photos from my iPhone to my PC, but so far haven't had any luck. First, using Edge I logged into my Apple ID then went to my iCloud drive with no problems. Then when I tried to select my photos so I could download them, my iCloud drive seemed empty even though it was reporting having something like 78 photos. I even tried using the touch cursor but still had no luck.

Then I was told that I should install iCloud for Windows and it would download my photos for me, so I did. Now I not only find that I cannot access anything on my iCloud drive, the app won't stay loaded. It used to have a notification area icon but that never shows up any more even though all three startup programs that Apple installed are turned in the Windows 10 settings program.

So what do I do now? I know I could just email the pictures to myself, but with almost 80 photos, that would be quite tedious.

I thought Apple was committed to full accessibility for all of their products and I know that iCloud for Windows is an Apple product. Had I known that Apple would make it this difficult, I'd have emailed the photos to myself as soon as I took them.


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