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Justin Williams

Call AIRA, and have them help you mark all the text in blue.


I'm not sure you can get the color search exclusive even in skeems or something.


I'd also try having the text pur into track changes.


I've had trouble with that also, and that is how I got around that.





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Subject: isolating text in a particular colour in word




I use Word 16, JAWS 2021, Win 10.


I would like to be able to isolate, in a word document, all the text that is in blue. That is the text that I need to study. I am not able to do this.


I have created a skim reading rule with blue is the text colour and white as the background colour. JAWS keeps ticking on pressing control+caps+down arrow after creating the rule. But does not read out any text. It finally says 'no matches found'. I know for a fact that there is some blue text in the document. Can someone help, please?





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