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Gene Warner

Oh! Good going, Curtis! I forgot about that setting!


On 7/3/2022 12:38 PM, Curtis Chong wrote:
In the JAWS voice settings, there is a spell rate change setting. Go to JAWS > Options > Voices > Voice Adjustment. There is a spell rate change percent setting you can adjust there.
Curtis Chong
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Hmm... That might be a good thing to suggest to Freedom Scientific.
Provide a separate speech rate for spelling. Then you could set the
speech rate you want to use when you ask JAWS to spell and you wouldn't
have to remember to slow down JAWS every time you wanted it to spell
something and you wouldn't have to remember to speed JAWS back up again
when the spelling is done.
On 7/3/2022 11:00 AM, Bill White wrote:
Use ALT plus CONTROL plus PAGEDOWN to slow JAWS down before you use
INSERT plus 8. Then it will spell only as fast as JAWS is speaking.

Bill White

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*Joseph Machise
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*Subject:* help with jaws please.

Hi list when my jaws spells when I use the insert and 8 key to have jaws
spell it spells to fast, how do I have jaws spell slower thanks from Joseph.

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