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JM Casey

It's a little different. But was iE's favourites really 8that* much better? I used iE back in the day too but didn't really have any qualms about leaving it behind. Ah well, sometimes I have my old preferences that I like to stick to as well.

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The favorite thing is why I still use internet xplorer.

I don't understand why the chrome firefox and other brosers messed that up so badly.


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Besides, the way Chromium is built, even with the more independent browsers (iE not related to google), therea re privacy concerns. Makers of ad blockers and privacy extensions are warning that soon much of this stuff may not be able to work properly (I have seen a youtube video about thisa nd also talked to a software developer frienda bout it).
So although I was startign to lean more heavily on Chrome, my inclination is to stick with firefox as mucha s possible -- especially as they have recently made privacy a more serious consideration and introduced total cookie isolation.

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Firefox is easily the most simple to learn of all the browsers. This is open source so updates or fixes are regular. The favorites are your bookmarks, very to save a website and to then go find your library of saved or bookmarked sites. However, the management of the bookmarks is not there and if you save many sites, you would simply start at the top which is the site you had saved longest back and go down to the most recent. Also, the problem is if you accidently hit the delete key while any specific site may be highlighted within your library, it is gone. Simple but not enough for management or categorizing the sites and needing some sort of confirmation to delete in case of user mistake. Other than that, the browser and JFW have their issues together where the find command is sometimes an issue but all and all, I prefer this browser over the others.

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Yeah, but I just ignore all of that. I understand that Chrome is just as bad, only it's Google instead of Microsoft. That is why I am thinking of giving Firefox another look to see if it is any less confusing than it was all those years ago.


On 7/3/2022 1:41 AM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
Edge is too invasive in my opinion, with constantly pushing for an
account for profile, which is just more tracking by MS.
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I personally prefer Chrome. Firefox is third on my list, Edge being
number 2.

On Jul 2, 2022, at 4:52 PM, Gene Warner <genewarner3@...> wrote:

´╗┐OK all you Firefox users, it was seven or eight years ago when I
tried Firefox. Other than this current accessibility hiccup, would it
be worth looking at again?

One of the things that Internet Explorer did that I wish these other
browser developers would do is how it handled favorites or bookmarks.
The beauty of Microsoft's approach was that you could just use your
favorite file manager to manage your bookmarks.


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