moderated Firefox version 102, JAWS, and the context menu

JM Casey

Hello everyone.

As the other thread has gone on for a while and people may miss the important message sent by Curtis (At least, I think it was him; sorry if it’s not, I deleted the message already) describing a workaround for the problem of JAWS not being able to engage with the context menu through standard means, I thought I would explain in another message, as well as outlining my own ideas about this problem and what is actually happening.


First, while NVDA can interact as normal with the context menu, JAWS cannot, and it doesn’t matter what JAWS version you are using, new or old. The problem as I see it is that, normally, when an item is “clicked” to activate the right-click or context menu, the user is automatically taken outside the virtual buffer in order to activate a menu choice. This could be with the arrow keys, or it could be with a keystroke that activates your  menu option of choice. Now, for whatever reason, while pressing the context menu key does activate the menu, JAWS stays in virtual mode, and therefore, your arrow keys and letter keys  won’t interact   with the menu at all, but instead will do what you’d normally xpect in reading mode as if you hadn’t activated the menu at all.

To solve this, turn the virtaul cursor off with insert-z after you hit the context menu key. Jaws will not immediately announce “context menu” but you will be in it, and hitting down arrow will alert JAWS that this is, in fact, what you want to interact with. You can also, of course, press a letter to activate the menu option instead of the arrows.

For example, I’ve just gone to the webpage of one of my favourite podcasts on I find the episode I want, and go to the download link. I press the context menu key, then insert-z, and then the letter k to activate the save file dialogue box.



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