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JM Casey


Ah. So, still an extra keystroke here, but, not only does what you described work...but you can turn off the virtual cursor 8after* hitting the context menu/right click to access the menu. In other words, do what you would normally do, accessing the right click menu on a link by whatever means you choose -- JAWS will not say anything, but Firefox should make the activation sound if you have those enabled. Then, turn off the virtual cursor,a nd hit the down'll see your menu options.

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Greetings and salutations:

If one has to use Firefox 102, for whatever reason, there really is a work-around to the inability to read the context menu you open up when you right click on a link.

Focus on the link with the virtual cursor for JAWS turned on. Now, with Insert z, turn off the virtual cursor and tab back and forth until you are sure you are focused on the correct link. Then, activate the right click function (Shift F10 in my case). Use arrow keys to review the menu.

The JAWS latest update seems to have broken something inasmuch as, with NVDA, this work-around is not necessary.


Curtis Chong

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