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Gene Warner

I was trying to move the Pop Peeper icon to be in the first position in the notification area of the task bar and as far as I know, for Windows 10, drag and drop is the only way I can find. I am sure it could be done with some registry edits, but nobody seems to know what those edits are so drag and drop is the only option for now.

After I tried to drag and drop the Pop Peeper icon, it sounded like it got paired with the JAWS icon because those two were always read together.


On 7/2/2022 12:58 AM, Curtis Chong wrote:
The question is, why do need to do a drag and drop? Isn’t there an alternate procedure?
On Jul 1, 2022, at 8:02 PM, Gene Warner <genewarner3@...> wrote:
I just tried drag and drop on my windows 10 system and it didn't work, in fact it made such a mess of things that I am going to have to restart just to clean it all up.
Go figure!
On 7/1/2022 9:49 PM, Mike B. wrote:

Hi Tom,
About the only place I drag and drop is on the Taskbar, but this is the best method I've learned of for Windows 10. Below Win10's steps will be the keystroke for Win11, and you can always try the Win10 keystroke with Win11 in other areas than the Taskbar.
From: Sieghard Weitzel
With Jaws 2021 or 2022 I can drag and drop anything at will and in seconds, not sure why this doesn't work for you and I'm not saying drag and drop
works everywhere, but on the taskbar it works 100% of the time and it's
simply a matter of going to the icon you want to drag, pressing the,
Control + Jaws Key + NumPad Slash key combination, arrowing to where you want to
drop it and pressing the key combination again.
From: Ben Moxey
Windows 11 has dedicated keystrokes built-in for moving taskbar icons. Simply hold Alt and Shift, and use your left and right arrows. Note that your screen
reader doesn’t announce that it’s moving them at this stage, but it works.
Stay safe and take care. Mike.
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Using Jaws 22, how do I use the drag and drop command?
Is there anything to be aware of?

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