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Bill White

Yes, Gene. I have used Edge, and gotten those buttons that say, Keep, and Delete. What happens is that, once you press the button to keep the file, another button pops up asking to confirm that you really, really do want to keep the file. So, you actually need to press two "keep" buttons.

Bill White


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Hi everyone!

Today I downloaded a new version of Pop Peeper Pro and got warnings that
the file might harm my device. That's fine, Windows Security is doing
its job. The problem I have is that JAWS doesn't get along with Windows
Security. After the warning about the file, I'm asked if I want to keep
the file anyway and then there are two buttons, Keep and Delete. The
problem is that I have to fuss with it trying just about anything for
quite a while before something works and my choice is finally recognized.

Has anybody encountered this and figured out how to make it work? It's
driving me crazy with frustration.


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