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JM Casey

Well, I'm not using the latest NVDA, and can access the context menu with taht screen-reader. So perhaps FS could change the implementation of something or other. What I'm saying is that yes, Firefox changed, but it can't all be in their camp/their responsibility.
Whatever though. I'm still using an old version of jFW myself so I'd be happy if Mozilla fixed whatever it is, too.

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Given that Firefox has changed and jaws has not (I'm still using 2021), I suspect they would say "take it up with the Firefox devs".

On 7/1/22, Chris Hill <hillco@...> wrote:
I'm aware of something new going on with accessibility in Firefox, and
I figured with the holiday I might as well give it until early next
week before contacting FS. I'm tempted to go firefox beta hunting, though.


On 7/1/2022 12:18, Gene Warner wrote:
This may seem obvious but...

Has anyone contacted Freedom Scientific about this, and if so, what
was their response?


On 7/1/2022 1:00 PM, Soronel Haetir wrote:
This made no difference for me, even tried rebooting jaws just to
make sure that wasn't somehow necessary.

On 7/1/22, Chris Hill <hillco@...> wrote:
I was having a problem with Firefox 102 and the application key not
working, and I found one possible way around it.
If you turn on the use unified keyboard method in keyboard/general
in settings center, the application key will work, unfortunately
arrow keys don't work. I could live with it if I could set this
function to a hotkey, but I don't find it mentioned in the keyboard

Stumped still.


Soronel Haetir

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