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Annabelle Susan Morison

Hey Glenn!
I've tried that before, but I'm thinking of doing this in the "Eloq.sbl" file, as it worked before in previous versions of JAWS.

On 07/01/2022 10:12 AM Glenn / Lenny <glenn@...> wrote:

I just used Jaws dictionary manager to change it to "shushing", as a test.
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I wonder how I would change the pronunciation of characters like "🫢", "🤫",
"🤬", and the like? For example, I want "🤫" to say something like "Shushing
Face". Would I put something like:
symbol109=U+1f92b 11111111 Shushing Face
On 07/01/2022 9:58 AM Hareth <hareth4m@...> wrote:

I'm not sure what they stand for.,
Those I haven't change. they were there prior to any editing done, All
I did is changing the last word in each line.

On 7/1/22, Annabelle Susan Morison <foristnights@...> wrote:
In the example lines you provide, What do the numbers stand for? I'm
referring to the part where the numbers say "11,111,111".
On 07/01/2022 9:35 AM Hareth <hareth4m@...> wrote:

To be honest, I have no idea!
What I know is the .sbl file is the one to play with successfully.
On 7/1/22, Annabelle Susan Morison <foristnights@...> wrote:
I wonder, what's the difference between "Eloq.sbl", "Eloqmain.dct",
On 07/01/2022 7:56 AM Hareth <hareth4m@...> wrote:

Hi Annabelle,
My name is a mid eastern one I don't think its another version.
you don't need to work on the file in its default directory. make a
copy for that purpose to other place then make your changes, then
it back and replace it. also make a backup copy for the original
And If you have another eloq.sbl file and made changes on it or
you can test your work with changing the pronunciation of a single
symbol and save it then replace the file with the one in the
I've mentioned earlier, just make sure to take a copy of the
one as a backup somewhere else.

Here is a sample of how I did edit it and it still works,
you can do it if you know which line to edit.
I had a reference to all Arabic letters within the eloq.sbl file
someone back then that made it much easier for me to work on it.
below the sample lines, you See the last "word" in each line that's
what eloquence pronounces when encounter an Arabic character I've
edited them to my liking using note pad.

symbol55=U+631 11111111 reh
symbol56=U+632 11111111 zeh
symbol57=U+633 11111111 seh
symbol58=U+634 11111111 sheh
symbol59=U+635 11111111 sah
symbol60=U+636 11111111 dhdheh
symbol61=U+637 11111111 ta
symbol62=U+638 11111111 dheh
symbol63=U+639 11111111 aa
symbol64=U+63a 11111111 gheh
symbol65=U+640 11111101 teh
symbol66=U+641 11111111 ffeh


On 7/1/22, Annabelle Susan Morison <foristnights@...> wrote:
Hey Hareth!
Interesting name by the way. Is it like a version of Harry? I
the file you described, but nothing changed! Not even editing the
Descriptions.txt" file did anything either. What do I do next?
On 06/30/2022 11:25 PM Hareth <hareth4m@...> wrote:

Hi Annabelle,
"Eloq.sbl" works for me, I've edited it many years back to read
in a way I understand on the fly and real quick without having to
change the tts voice to anything other than eloquence. But I
the user data directory.
Instead I replace it with the default one in the:
"C:\ProgramData\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\20xx\SETTINGS\eloq.sbl"
replace the "xx" with 21 in your case and open the folder as:
"C:\ProgramData\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2021\SETTINGS\"
Paste the file and replace it following the prompts, that would
On 6/30/22, Annabelle Susan Morison <foristnights@...>
Hi, it's Annabelle.
Is "Eloq.sbl" still applicable in later versions of JAWS like
reason why I'm asking this is because I want to add some
JAWS seems to ignore when I type them. Particularly things like
characters of foreign languages like Japanese, Russian, Hebrew,
By the way, what's the difference between "Eloq.sbl",

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