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JM Casey

The righ click menu is convenient for that. Thankfully it isn't your only recourse (see my previous message).
Hopefully either JAWS or Firefox will fix this in an update. As it seems fine with nVDA it would seem that the onus is more on the JAWS side of things, though I don't know what could have caused this to happen.

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I wasn't aware of shift+enter, which does take care of my major gripe.
Though I do also use the right-click menu for copy-link and save-download.

On 6/30/22, JM Casey <jmcasey@...> wrote:
Oh, let me see right now. Not sure I've tried the context menu yet.
however, to open in a new tab, I press ctrl-enter, and to open in a
new window, shift-enter.
The only thing I usually use the right click menu for is to copy links
to share them, or to save a file associated with a link, say to
download a podcast episode or something similar.
And testing it now, yes, i see the problem. Damn, that's unfortunate.
Now I just switched to nVDA v21.3, where the context menu seems to be
working as expected. So that's interesting. I guess, wait for a JAWS
or Firefox update -- maybe it can be fixed on either end.
In the meantime, try those keyboard commands I guess (ctrl-enter,
shift-enter, ctrl-s to save, though the last isn't as convenient as
using the context menu on a link since you dont' ahve to go there in
order to save

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Do you normally use the right-click menu? That is the only thing I
notice odd with 102, but since my normal interaction is to use the
right-click menu and "open in new window" (rather than tab) I find 102
extremely frustrating.

I can't even use jaws' "route PC to jaws" command and then the
physical right mouse button.

On 6/30/22, JM Casey <jmcasey@...> wrote:
I'm using Firefox 102.0, 6b bit, as I type this, running a rather old
version of JAWS, and it's working great.
So if something is broken, perhaps it's a recent JAWS update.

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Subject: Re: Firefox 102

Agreed. Firefox broke something in terms of interacting with JAWS.

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Subject: Firefox 102

Right now, I'd say it is a don't download. The applications key
doesn't seem to work with jaws running, and neither do keys like the
k for play/stop in youtube. Applications key works fine in NVDA, go


Soronel Haetir

Soronel Haetir

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