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Bill White

Hi, Morey. Somehow the folder in question is now being sorted by some other criteria than by date, perhaps details, list, or tiles. You need to go into the Sort By menu, and reselect date as your sorting criteria. This can be accomplished by unselecting all files in the folder, then right click the folder with the folder open, arrow down to Sort By, and choose Date, and press ENTER.

Bill White


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Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2022 3:38 PM
Subject: Folder help please

In a certain folder, I have tips for doing this and doing that. Most are
txt files. If I go into this folder and look at a file, it used to tell
me the date it was put there. This happens with all the files in this
certain folder, but this does not occur in any other folders. Any
thoughts as to why no date showing only in this one folder?



Using Jaws 2022 version of Jaws and W10.


Morey Worthington

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